Shattered Kingdoms

The Shattered Kingdoms setting was originally created for a LARP event for the game Amtgard in the Pacific Northwest. With this new project it’s being adapted for an online Twitch Dungeons and Dragons game.

The Twitch show is designed to be interactive. You will be able to spend bits and channel points to change the outcome of the game as well as being able to change elements of its difficulty. You will be able to give the players advantage, success and critical success or alternatively disadvantage, failure or critical failure. Additionally you’ll be able to change the difficulty of an encounter or give little gifts to the players to help them along their way.

This webpage is dedicated to keeping the viewers up to date on what’s happening in the D&D campaign, as a resource to track the player’s progress and to look up locations and NPCs that they have encountered along the way.

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Here is the Shattered Kingdoms Wiki for the LARP event.