Fey Wood comes from the Tiviana Tree. It gets its name from the goddess Tiviana who is credited with it’s creation. It grows wild in the Fey Wiles but only grows in seclusive fey groves in the Shattered Kingdoms. The tree is closely guarded by the Fey who live in the Shattered Kingdoms.

The wood comes in a variety of natural colors and has some unique properties. It is as hard as steel and It is resistant to all types of physical damage.

It is nearly impossible to shape it once the wood has been removed from the tree. There are special methods, known amongst the fey, who have learned how to shape the wood as it grows. It is a secret art among the fey and shared with few mortals.

Fey Wood and the Fey Culture

Those fey who are lucky enough to live with a Tiviana tree in their grove incorporate it into their life. Armor is grown from the trees, shaped by secret fey methods. When a fey protector comes of age, there is a celebration and their armor, which has been growing for years, is harvested and given to the fey creature, to treasure for the rest of their lives. It is often the most prized possession of any fey.

Fey Wood and Outsiders

There are rumors of unique individuals that have learned how to grow and shape the Tiviana Tree. They have either been gifted the knowledge or they stole it. It is said that some have even learned how to accelerate the growth of the Tivinia Tree making the production of goods a months long process rather than a years long one.

On occasion people may find Fey Wood armor and items for sale, but as they are usually made for specific individuals so it can be hard to find armor that fits correctly.