Quick Info

Alignment: Lawful Good
Home Plane: Shattered Kingdoms
Element: Earth
Portfolio: Battle, Curage, Protection

Alaforne was one of Mancos strongest allies in the The Wars. He saw the need to create some kind of order in the chaos following The Great Upheaval. However unlike Mancos he didn’t see the need to be worshiped. In the Wars he fought in the front lines and witnessed the bravery of the mortals first hand. From the front ranks he created a bond with five mortals that became known as the Chosen of Alaforne. They formed an honor guard that fought with him wherever he went. At one point, he jumped in front of a massive burning rock launched by a trebuchet to save the life of one of his Chosen. While not a mortal wound he was grievously injured. Whole armies saw the selflessness of his actions in defense of a mortal and despite his wishes people created a church worshipping him as the protector of mortals, the Church of Alaforne. While he did not create this church he did nothing to discourage it. Alaforne is often represented as a green dragon.