Lawrence Vinther

Character Sheet


Lawrence Vinther had a pretty average life. He lived in the Marconian Empire Capital city, or rather one of it’s suburbs Tayhill. His parents struggled to make ends meet but they managed to scrape together enough silver to pay for their son’s early education.

Lawrence took to education at a young age. It was an escape from a life with little other joys. He did well enough that he was able to earn one of the low-income scholarships offered by the Hadebrandian University in the Capital.

At the age of fourteen Lawrence packed up and was sent to the university. It was a unique experience in the Empire. It was a true mixing of all economic classes. Still, during the summer he went home and had to help his family survive.

After four years of education, he graduated with an emphasis on documentation, organizing systems principles and magical theory. He had spent a lot of time in the library, studying everything he could get his hands on. He made several friends, both students and faculty. He found he liked the academic life.

After graduating at the age of eighteen he applied for the nature magic program. He was accepted to the program and earned himself another scholarship, however this one didn’t cover all his expenses. For the first time he had to get a job while going to school.

He was lucky and was able to get a paid internship in the library he loved so much. He had a natural talent for bureaucracy and documentation. It serviced him well in his classes and especially his job. He finished his program early at the age of twenty one.

Due to his contacts at the school he was able to get an assistant professor job. This not only was an increase to his lifestyle but allowed him to further continue his education. He was able to write his own program and dappled in a newer theory that all magic comes from the same source.

After two years he finished his program and had a thesis project that asked some intriguing questions about the nature of magic. It was well received and lead him to a full-time teaching position at the University. It came with research and publication requirements.

After two years of teaching and researching, he determined that he could learn more by searching out the old ruins from before the Great Upheaval and finding any lost knowledge that might help him further his knowledge of magic. He got permission from the University to go on sabbatical.

He reached out to the Marconian Adventurer’s Guild to find a job which would take him far away from the Empire into the unknown in the hopes he could find ruins that still had secrets to unlock.

While he was packing for his long journey, he was summoned to Hadebrand’s office. Lawrence had never been summoned to his office, very few people in his low position at the university had. He stopped what he was doing and followed the summons.

Much to Lawrence’s surprise, Hadebrand had heard of his research and wanted to support him on his journey. He entrusted him with a medallion that would allow him to send a message to Hadebrand if there was an emergency or an important discovery. Furthermore, it allow Hadebrand to teleport to him if the need arose.

Lawrence continued packing and then set off to the unknown.