Ulian Fost

Character Sheet


I grew up in the wretched streets of Thrumberg. A town where you prosper by stepping on the throats of the lower class. The only people that hated the lower class more than the Nobles, was the lower class. My parents rotted away in the streets, too afraid to make the hard calls or take what they needed to survive. It wasn’t long before they were robbed of all they had, including their livers. They were weak, and I won’t follow their mistakes.

I joined the Corvin Syndicate from the time I could snatch a coin purse. What the world said I couldn’t have I took. I went to many areas in Manconia taking dangerous, exciting, but mainly unjust jobs. My talents served me well rising through the ranks to become a lieutenant. I created a comfortable lifestyle for myself. If my time with the syndicate taught me anything it’s that your situation can change very quickly and to not trust any of those scumbags. 

I went on a very large heist with the syndicate to steal from the Imperial Vault. I should have known it was a bad idea, but the reward would have set me for life and I would be known as one of the greatest thieves this world had ever seen. Someone tipped off the Imperial Army and although we stole a large portion of what we could get our hands on, most of us didn’t make it out. After all, you don’t have to split the reward if your accomplices are in jail. 

We were taken away to rot in the dungeons below the Empire for the rest of our miserable lives. Not me, I had no intention of going out like that. I made a plea with the army to give up one of the people that had infiltrated their ranks, a General in the syndicate by the name of Dioxus. They agreed to let me go but only if I agreed to join the Marconian Adventurer’s Guild and explore a new region outside the Empire, up in the north. I’m to help a ragtag group of adventures in their travels. 

I suppose I had little choice, but better yet it would get me far away from the Syndicate. Or at least I hope it will. If nothing else my new travel companions will slow them down, allowing me to make my escape. I’ll start a new life in the unexplored regions of the north the first chance I get.