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Alignment: Lawful Good
Home Plane: Shattered Kingdoms
Element: Earth
Portfolio: Order, Civilization, War, Conflict

Amongst the Great Wyrms he is recognized as having been the most active in human affairs. After the turmoil of The Great Upheaval Mancos saw it as his responsibility to bring order to the realms of the Shattered Kingdoms.  He ordered his faithful human servant Kullth to create a church to aid him. This was the founding of the Church of Mancos. Along with the church Kullth created an army which he lead in the name of Mancos. This was the start of The Wyrm Wars. While things didn’t go as planned for Mancos, eventually he did bring some resemblance of order to the world in the form of the Manconian Empire.  He is often represented as a white dragon.

In honor of Mancos the Manconian Empire named the fifth month of the Mancosian Calendar. There is also a week long celebration, celebrating the founding of the Manconian Empire