This Inn is managed by Marcade Guildford in name but is ran by Brevin Dolenite, the bar tender in the tavern. This is also the player’s base in Erimos.

The building has been here for hundreds of years and used to serve as nobles house. It has gone through several renovations in it’s life. It’s most recent one is on going. This last renovation was commissioned by the Marconian Adventurer’s Guild in preparation of the player’s arrival.


This area is made up of the buildings kitchen, dinning hall, anti-chamber and entertaining area. The dinning room, anti chamber and entertaining area all had their walls removed to make one large T shaped room for the tavern

The South Wing

This wing is where the players live along with Marcade Guilford. It contains several bedrooms, a private dining room, a private living room or meeting room as need. It also has a study

The North Wing

This wing is dedicated to the Inn and also has sevreal bedrooms. There is also a private dinning room and meeting room that can be rented out.