At a Glance
SizeVillage (50-100)
GovernmentNone (democratic)
Demographics99% Humans
Thora Village Statistics


  • Appletons


Thora is an old town that has seen better days. There is less than a dozen families that still live in the area. The village itself is over a hundred years old. It sits next to the forest alongside a small, slow moving river. It floods every few years but the village adapted to this reality long ago.

The primary focus of the village is fishing. There is a dilapidated dock with a small stone wharf, built long ago in the heyday of the village. Once the finish is caught most of it is salted and or smoked before being transported to the local city center. There is enough fish to keep the village alive and the lives of the villagers comfortable.

Several generations ago the town was embroiled in the War of the Silver Coin. One of their own became a hero in the war, Giles Appleton, and is still celebrated as a local hero. The town itself was devastated by the war, seeing two major battles. Many of their men were killed and their fields were destroyed and their livestock seized.

It took a few decades for the village to bounce back but it did bounce back. Some of the fields were resown, but the livestock trade never recovered. The town turned to the river and the town began to be know as a fishing village. The town even got large enough that they built an outside amphitheater.

Eventually their village reached their height and slowly people began to move away and find jobs in the cities. Many of the families moved and there ended up being only two major families that remained and the began to vey for for control of the town. The two families were the Appletons, the descendents of the hero Giles Appleton, and the Grays, the owners of the wharf.

The two families had long been at odds, but with the reduction in the influence of other families, mostly due to people moving away, the situation finally came to a head. No one is sure who did what first, but the final conflict was between who had the right to use the wharf.

The Grays, who did own the wharf, wanted to start charging people from other families to use the wharf, the Appleton family did not agree. If there was to be a fee then they thought everyone should have to pay an equal share.

It nearly broke out in open conflict but the region’s Sage was able to come to an agreement between the two factions. The Grays, who were a smaller faction, agreed to sell the worf and to move out of the town for good. The village never recovered and there are less than a hundred people living there now.


Their main export is smoked first, however there are a few farmers, but most of their products are traded in town.


There is no real government to speak of. The town used to be run by a democratic council, but that was many years ago. Now if the villages needs to make a decision then they come together and vote, but in most cases they defer to the head of the Appleton family. The owner of the town’s gathering hall.

They are under the protection of Erimos but have no say in the government. They pay taxes and by doing so they gain some measure of security.


They worship a local god named Attia. She is a nature god that focuses on Plains, Forests and Rivers. As the area of the village changed and the forest began to get closer, the worship of Attia changed slightly to focus more on Rivers and Forests.

Prominent Buildings

  • Ruined houses
  • Outside Amphitheater
  • Former Inn that is now the town’s gathering hall and Stable

Prominent NPCs

  • Barrister Appleton
  • Lasondra “Sage” Vace