Quick Info

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Home Plane: Unknown
Element: Light
Portfolio: Disenfranchised, Wonder Lust, Music
Domains: Trickery, Life, Light, Protection

There are many legends of the adventures of the god Aros. He once walked among the courts of the gods, politicking, plotting and vying for power. Much like other gods of the time. It is said that he schemed like none other, yet despite all his efforts there was a limit to the power he could obtain. Unlike the other gods at court, he was limited in his divine spirit. Now one knows why he was born thus, but it didn’t stop the other gods from looking down on him.

Eventually he became disillusioned with the political life of the gods. He left the court life, but not after exposing all of their petty secrets . This event caused strife among the gods for many years. He has forever been seen a s social pariah amongst the gods. However, he found a second life amongst the mortal races.

After the time with the gods, before the breaking, Aros could be seen traveling to all reaches of the Shattered Kingdoms. He often presented himself as a bard, his favorite instrument said to be the harp, but no instrument was beyond his capability of playing.

During times of war he was often seen amongst the fighters, bolstering their morale and tending to the wounded. He did amazing things, although he rarely used his godly powers. He did have a soft spot for the downtrodden and disenfranchised among the mortals and he took up many causes of the mortal races.

Eventually his fame spread, his churches rose to prominence and his importance among the mortals was secured. While no one knows what the gods believe, the faith demonstrated by the mortals in the god Aros makes him one of the Prime Gods of the Shattered Kingdoms.

It’s said that even after the Breaking, when all gods are said to have disappeared, that he still travels in the guise of a bard, helping those in need.