Quick Info

Alignment: Neutral
Home Plane: Unknown
Element: Earth
Portfolio: Redemption, Nature, Patience

Sister to Gecyndas, Zuvana was once known as the bright of the Shattered Kingdoms and she was forever at odds with the other gods, although now that has all changed. The region she inhabited was dark, mysterious and dangerous. In many ways she was seen as the antithesis of the Goddess Gecyndas. That is until she birthed a child, the god Nilios. WIth the birth of her child it lessoned her broody nature. She took to raising him and teaching him about the darker creatures of nature.

Nilios took to his mother’s teachings well but he determined that she had weakened in her resolve and determination to control all things dark. He saw her hold on her domains weaken and he took his chance to wrestle away her domains.

There was an epic struggle between the two that lasted decades. They fought each other while the other gods watched on. They agreed to let the two squabble amongst themselves, as long as their struggle didn’t affect spill beyond their metaphysical and physical borders. At the height of the conflict Nilios struck down his mother. He ripped out her powers over the dark things of the world and discarded her, throwing her out of the realms which he know controlled.

While Gecyndas had always been at holds with her sister, she still loved her and kept watch on her. She still abided by the decision of the other gods to not interfere, that is, until Zuvana’s powers were ripped from her and she was tossed out of her domains by her son. It was at this point that Gecyndas went to her sister and took her to the Forest of Frandir to nurse her back to health.

After much time had passed Zuvana eventually recovered but she had lost most of her influence and power to her son. She was greatful to her sister for all she did for her and a new relationship between them developed.

Zuvana was ashamed of what she had birthed and vowed to right her mistake. While she no longer had the influence or power she once had over the dark things, she was still a goddess, had the spark of the divine and countless years of knowledge and lore. She took a more cunning approach and slowly hatched a plan to trap Nilios in the Gem of Priosian. She and her sister created the demi-plane, Aotrom, to lock the gem away for all time. All she needed to do was wait till Nilios’ ambition caused him to leave his seat of power and to make war on the rest of the Shattered Kingdoms.

Eventually the time came and Nilios left the safety of his fortress to wage war and expand his domain. Zuvana convinced her sister to help further and while Gecyndas kept Nilios busy Zuvana bypassed his defenses and confronted him. He laughed as she stood in front of him, unaware that his demise was near. In his arrogance he thought that she could do nothing to stop him, but he was wrong.

Zuvana had regained much of her power and as she herself had changed from the dark brooding goddess she was, to what her sister nurtured within her and the new powers she gained came flowing out, catching Nilios by surprise. He became entangled in her magic and she used it to force him into the Gem. Afterwards the gem was locked away in Aotrom.

She regained much of her influence over the dark things of Shattered Kingdoms, but she had changed. She no longer embraced the evil often associated with the dark things, rather she focused on the balance that exists due to the darknesses existence. In the eyes of the gods she had redeemed herself and she was welcomed back into the fold.

She is often worshiped as the goddess of redemption.