The Manconion Empire was founded near the end of The Wyrm Wars. It is the oldest Empire that still exists in Shattered Kingdoms.

Its first emperor was the legendary hero Kullth, High Priest of the Church of Mancos. His reign was short lived as he sacrificed his own life to save his lord Mancos in the last few months of The Wyrm Wars. He was raised to Sainthood by the church. Since then the Emperors have also been the head of the Church of Mancos. Many who have gone on to become living Saints.

The Empire slowly expanded after the end of The Wyrm WarsMancos did not have any direct rule in the empire, although from time to time in the early years it’s said he gave some guidance to the Church, which ran the Empire. At the height of the Empire, in the 4th century, they introduced the calendar now used by all of Shattered Kingdoms.