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He stands about 5′ 6″, has brown eyes and short black hair. His skin is naturally very slightly tanned. He weights around 150, 160 pounds. His body is slim but well toned. He shaves regularly but always seems like he has a 5 o’clock shadow. He is 27 years old, wears comfortable, clean cloths, often in earth tones.


Wilkins comes from the southern region of the Empire. At the age of 14 he joined the military. He spent 2 years training before he saw any action. Before his combat experience he spent much of his time when not training working in the military clerks offices. He learned the filing system and more importantly caught the eye of one of the captain of the intelligence sector in his area, Captain Archer Dawson. He took a personal interest in Wilkins from the moment he joined the military.

He was an infantryman during the Castilian Rebellion of 474-475. By the end of the rebellion he was a junior member of the forward scouting unit. It was as part of this unit that he first made a name for himself. He was a skilled scout and a cunning warrior.

After the rebellion his unit returned back to his region and he was chosen as a potential candidate for the Shadow Dragons, the elite forward scouts of the Empire. While he got there on his own merits, Captain Dawson was the one who recommended him.

After a grueling test period of six months he was one of the few candidates from his region that made it into the Shadow Dragons. He joined his friends, Oakley Harrison and Luka Bennett in journeying to the main training facility of the Imperial army in the Manconian capital.

There was a year of intense physical training and then another year of specialized training in tracking, interrogation, and infiltration. By 477 Wilkins was a lean, a mean fighting machine with a skill set for scouting and infiltrating.

For years he went all over the Empire, doing whatever was asked of him. He spent time as a forward scout in army conflicts and infiltrated enemy towns and encouragements to gain intel.

By the time The Third Green Skin War started in 480 He had earned the rank of captain and he lead his own unit of Shadow Dragons. Both his friends from the Castilian Rebellion, Oakley Harrison and Luka Bennett, were under his command by the start of the next great war.

This was the largest conflict he had ever fought in. As was the normal for the Shadow Dragons he was sent on the most dangerous scout missions. He also spent time fighting in pitched battle, leading a regiment of skirmishers.

Wilkins was on a path to become an influential person in the army until the incident in 483, near the end of the Third Third Green Skin War. He and his small unit of four Shadow Dragons was scouting the last stronghold of the green skins. The Silver Hold was the first major stronghold taken by the green skins and it would be the final one to fall.

They managed to gain entrance to the hold and get the information they needed but they were caught when they were leaving the city. There was a fierce running fight. They killed countless numbers of enemies but it was no use, his soldiers fell one by one, including his friend Harrison.

As they were escaping into the forest, the green skins pursued. They spent the night running and fighting, Bennett had taken an arrow in the should, but he managed to keep up with Wilkins. It wasn’t till the sun broke that Bennett took two arrows one in his back and the other in his leg. Wilkins killed the remain green skins.

Wilkins used his triage training to remove the arrows and bandage his friend Bennett’s wounds. They had used up all their healing potions escaping. Bennet urged Wilkins to leave him, that the information they gathered was to important, but Wilkins wouldn’t hear it. He built a stretcher and carried his friend back to the encampment but just as Bennett feared, it took to long to get the information to the generals. They had already started their assault.

Their information was useful, but late enough that it caused thousands of lives. Officially Wilkins was not reprimanded, but the forward momentum in the army was gone. No one in charge trusted him to carry out a high risk mission. For the rest of the war he was regulated to filing reports and strategic analysis.

After the war ended in 484 he was sent off to the capital. He spent months working in the intelligence sector of the Shadow Dragons. He missed the hands on experience that was now lost to him. He still dedicated himself to his work, but even after such a short time he missed being in the field. He war worried he would never leave an office again.

Over the years Archer Dawson had advanced too. He was now a Colonel in the Imperial Army. He was in charge of determining the threats to the Empire and exploring areas of expansion. Despite Wilkin’s actions he still cared and wanted to see him succeed. He was able to pull some strings and had him transferred to his command, out of the Shadow Dragons.

The first mission that Dawson sent Wilkins on was to travel to Erimos with a group of adventures, keep records, determine the strengths and weakness of the areas and report back in six months.

Relationship to to Ghosts of the Past Characters

Wilkins is the Maronian Military contact assigned to the group. They first met on 2nd day of Brogner in 485 AGU in the city of Orimos. He has since journeyed with the Party.

Character Contact For:
  • Ulian Fost
  • Lance Stormshield
  • Lawrence Vinther
  • Loren